Wahnsinnswoche 2023:26

In dieser Woche 218 Patientenkontakte und 12 Terminausfälle.

Sie erreichen mich telefonisch am Montag und am Donnerstag zwischen 14:30 und 15 Uhr. Da ich keine Psychotherapie anbiete und in den nächsten 12-16 Wochen ausgebucht bin, bitte ich von Terminanfragen abzusehen.

Nur wenn Sie in Wuppertal wohnen, können Sie in dringenden Notfällen derzeit noch ohne Terminvereinbarung in die offene Sprechstunde kommen – bei anhaltender Überlastung behalte ich mir aber vor, diesen Service in den nächsten Wochen einzuschränken. Außerdem wurde die Neupatientenregelung zum 1.1.2023 abgeschafft – ich werde aber erst Ende Juli erfahren, was das für mich bedeutet. Möglicherweise muss ich daher mein Angebot im Sommer 2023 ersatzlos streichen.

Joanna Moncrieff’s distinction between “disease-centered” and “drug-centered” models of psychopharmacology is quite influential in critical psychiatry circles, even as it remains ignored by the mainstream psychiatric community. However, it is also evident to me that many, maybe even most, people who tend to invoke and reference the drug-centered approach fundamentally misunderstand what the model asserts and what theoretical commitments accompany it.

“Drug-centered model” of psychopharmacology doesn’t mean what you think it means. awaisaftab.substack.com 29.6.2023

A group of more than 30 academics and researchers in psychiatry and psychopharmacology is challenging the conclusions of an umbrella review published last year that concluded there is no convincing evidence that serotonin deficiency is the primary cause of depression.

30+ Experts Question Validity of Serotonin/Depression Study. Medscape Psychiatry 27.6.2023

Depression is a complex disease, is challenging to diagnose, has an aetiology that is not fully established and can co-exist with several other mental disorders and somatic illnesses. This article aims to shed light on recent developments in the field, exploring promising receptor targets for the pharmacological treatment of depression.

Advances in Pharmacological Treatments for Depression: 2023 Update. psychscenehub.com 1.7.2023

Im Podcast “Raus aus der Depression” spricht Hazel Brugger mit Harald Schmidt über die Depression nach der Geburt ihrer Tochter.

It’s important to know that abortion does not cause mental health problems. What’s harmful are the stigma surrounding abortion, the lack of knowledge about it, and the lack of access.

The facts about abortion and mental health. APA 23.6.2022

The correlation between schizophrenia and breast cancer found in this study may be false positive results caused by underlying horizontal pleiotropy, rather than a true cause-and-effect relationship.

An exploration of the correlations between seven psychiatric disorders and the risks of breast cancer, breast benign tumors and breast inflammatory diseases: Mendelian randomization analyses. Front. Psychiatry, 28 June 2023 Volume 14 – 2023

Although cannabis may have some health benefits, it also has a variety of adverse effects, including psychosis, especially among those at high risk.

Psychosis Associated With Medical Marijuana: Risk vs. Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis Use. American Journal of Psychiatry 1.5.2010

SARS-CoV-2 can cause Long-COVID syndrome in patients of different age groups. SARS-CoV-2 can invade the neural system to interfere with human memory.

Long-term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on human brain and memory. Cell Death Discovery volume 9, Article number: 196 (2023)

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